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eing in the middle of Central Florida,

supplier of one third of the world’s

phosphate, has earned Mulberry the title of

“Phosphate Mining Capital of the World.”

Because of its plentiful supply of phosphate,

phosphate mining has always been a huge

industry in Mulberry. The two largest

phosphate companies that operate in

Mulberry are Mosaic and CF Industries,

which both have regional headquarters

in nearby Bartow.

Other than Mosaic and CF Industries,

Tampa Electric Company (TECO) is another

large company with important operations

near Mulberry. Their Polk Power Station, 13

miles south of Mulberry, is one of the most

technologically advanced power plants in

the country.

Mulberry TODAY

Business and Industry In Mulberry

For a small town, Mulberry is home to

many large, important companies. One of

the most famous companies to be based in

Mulberry is Badcock Home Furniture, which

has its world headquarters there. Other

businesses based in Mulberry include

Danielle Fence Manufacturing, which makes

industrial, residential and commercial